Fjorden og Fjellet

TitleFjorden og Fjellet/ The Fjord and the Mountain (work in progress)


Duration80 min

Release date2022

DirectorKjersti Vetterstad

ProducerKjersti Vetterstad

CinematographyKristin Astrup Aas and Kjersti Vetterstad

Assistant producer

Co-producerKristin Astrup Aas

ScreenwriterKristin Astrup Aas


Supported byBilledkunstnernes Vederlagsfond, The Audio and Visual Fund, Arts Council Norway and Fritt Ord


In April 2015 the Norwegian government granted a mining company permit to open a mine in a mountain on the west coast of Norway, and to deposit mining waste in a nearby pristine fjord. In February 2016 local environmentalists, together with environmental organisations enrolled in the longest manifestation of civil disobedience in Norwegian history since the 70’s. When we discovered how poorly the scandal was covered, we decided to put together a film team, and to use the planned mine and the dumping of waste in the fjord as a starting point for cinematic investigations of questions regarding how we relate to our natural surroundings.

How are people experiencing themselves as part of, or cut off from the larger community of living beings that exceeds the human community? We live in the sixth period of mass extinction of species in worlds history. Even so, political decisions are made every day where economic considerations are prioritised in full awareness of the possible devastating consequences for the biological diversity. Our aim for the film is to challenge the underlying ideological and philosophical fundament that legitimizes and make these decisions possible.