A beehive in my heart

TitleA Beehive in My Heart


Duration50 min

Release date2019/ 2020

DirectorKjersti Vetterstad

ProducerKjersti Vetterstad

CinematographyChristopher Horne Iversen

Assistant producerChristopher Horne Iversen


ScreenwriterKjersti Vetterstad/ Josep Maria Garcia

NarratorJosep Maria Garcia

Supported byThe Audio and Visual Fund, Arts Council Norway, Vederlagsfondet


A Beehive in My Heart is a documentary film that follows Josep Maria Garcia, a beekeeper who lives in a rural area in the region of Catalunya in Spain, in his daily activities with the bees. Josep talks about the important work the bees do, and about the challenges that are facing bees and beekeepers when extensive use of pesticides and climate change is about to drive his little friends to the verge of extinction.